Monday, February 4, 2019

Divine Feminine Expression of the Infinite 💫

Melanin Goddess
Power is in her stunning beauty, brown brawn body, nimble mind, deep joy, and compassionate heart 💛... and more... in her connection to the divine. 

A clear, intuitive knowing that she is a conduit of the divine. 🔮🕉🌞 She ushers life from the spiritual plane into the physical, her womb the fertile soil. 🌱

Her body flows is sync with the phases of the moon, 🌝 in rhythm with that which governs the tides. Within her an ocean resides. 🌻💦🌼🌿

#divinefeminine #333 #travelalchemistcollective #itskellscollective

Strolling through the Miami Design District | December 2018


Travel Alchemist Collective: The Transformative Power of Travel. 

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