7 Stages of Highly Effective Event Management & Production [EBOOK]

So, here's the deal... 

You’ve been asked to coordinate an annual conference, corporate meeting or charitable event and you’re panicked at the thought of bombing such a high profile event. No worries,  7 Stages of Highly Effective Event Management & Production is your go-to guide for event greatness!

In the coming pages, you will learn the seven practical stages of effective event management, including tips on gaining leadership buy-in, effective budgeting, event promotion, social media and content marketing and post-event must-dos. Use this guide to master the essential techniques to guarantee that your event will be superbly planned, promoted and received by your stakeholders.

The 7 Stages was developed as a blueprint for event planners, marketers and publicists to expertly produce high quality events while working in a demanding corporate environment. In this guide you can expect pithy insider tips, how-tos and best practices used by corporate event managers to produce high profile events for high value clients. Take your career to the next level by wowing your team with your thoughtful and thorough planning.

In each chapter, you will find bulleted lists of action items to be accomplished before moving on to the next stage, easy-to-read charts with insider tips on budget line items, social media and content marketing, print collateral pieces with distribution time-frames, and your essential day-of-event checklist.

As a bonus, included free is a quick reference infographic (OVER 4,000 downloads to-date) that you can print and post as reference or share via social media to further position yourself as an expert event producer.

There’s nothing stopping you. Click the Buy Now link above and take your event and career to the next level by executing the best corporate affair your company has ever seen! #eventrockstarstatus


Kelliann McDonald is a Business Strategist, specializing in Integrated Marketing Communications. She has nearly a decade of corporate experience, recently completed her MBA in London and is back in the United States currently creating synergy for Federal clients in the Washington, D.C. metro area.


Just said...

Wow ! I am so impressed with this publication. Not sure how you get your effort back .. ... .. but lovin' it.. Justin

K. Melanie said...

Justin, thank you! I hope you found it useful! By get my effort back do you mean how is the project monetized? If so, here is the link to purchase the "The 7 Stages" guide: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/7-stages-highly-effective/id648945745?mt=11 ;)

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