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Monday, July 25, 2016

Career-Driven Women ❤️ Dangers of Social Media Comparison [collab 1 of 3]

Diving deep over on my YOUTUBE channel: It's Kells, we're elevating the conversation from "Dating" to "Relationship building". 

Romantic comedies or "rom coms" and the artificial romanticism we see on TV and on social media ruins our relationships. The relationships that we see in the movies or on social media are not always what they seem.  In this video we discuss how not to compare our real life to those Hollywood and social media versions and why it may be detrimental to our romantic journey. 

This is a collab video with my good friend Allie Armitage, a DC-based life coach and all around brilliant woman! Here's what we get into in this conversation: 

:40 Allie's Introduction
1:50 What's a "Rom Com"
2:51 What's the issue with romantic comedies
3:56 External influences on relationships
4:14 Self-love and growth
4:31 Feeling complete on your own and "seeking your better whole"
5:10 How rom coms and social media deceive us
5:30 You're whole and complete, but seeking a relationship is OK
6:00 Seeking a partner you can help grow into the highest self
6:30 Tracy McMillan
7:00 A growth adventure
7:20 Whole, but seeking growth… Is this a contradiction?
9:19 Stop negative self talk and start self-love
10:00 Leaving room for growth
10:20 You attract what you are
10:53 We have limited first-hand experience w/ intimate relationships
11:30 Absorbing media bias–beware
12:19 Comparison is the thief of joy
12:40 "Perfectly Instagram-able" lives
13:00 Meditation and intuition

+ Mind Into Matter links

+ Tracy McMillan

+ Allie Armitage Guided Meditation Generating Self Love for Relationships


I do these videos so you know that you're not alone out here in this sometimes crazy dating world. If this your first time here, I would love to have you subscribe and if you are a returning viewer, thanks so much for watching! Leave me your thoughts below and I'll see you next time!
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