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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Career-Driven Women ❤️ Choosing the Right Life Partner [collab 2 of 3]

Diving deep over on my YOUTUBE channel: It's Kells, we're elevating the conversation from "Dating" to "Relationship building". 

Consider dating as an opportunity to gain more self-awareness and to do the work to learn to love and accept yourself. First you do the work of self love, then you figure out who the best partner for you is and how they can help you grow into your highest self and how you can do the same for them.

This is a collab video with my good friend Allie Armitage, a DC-based life coach and all around brilliant woman! Here are the details of what we get into in this conversation: 

:24 elevating the conversation from dating to relationship building
:42 Finding a partner you can help grow into their highest self
:50 what "highest self" means and how to find that partner
1:19 Paying attention the relationship we have with ourselves
1:45 felling complete as you are
2:30 all in you feeling, getting emotions out
2:44 cultural pressure to be non-emotional
3:00 not waiting to feel vulnerable
3:22 what is our problem with vulnerability?
3:40 being able to tap into vulnerability and bonding over shared human experiences
5:00 boundaries and not being taken advantage of 
5:24 having a foundation of self love
6:30 over-coming negative self talk and being able to come home to you self while still seeking a partner
7:00 comforting yourself
8:00 loving yourself enough and how to accept yourself
9:40 Recovering perfectionist 
10:35 how to coach yourself to be gentle and compassionate with yourself
12:04 celebrating our self
12:30 first you do the work of self love, then you can figure out who the best partner is
13:00 look for someone who stretches you
15:00 dating as a experience to gain more insight into yourself, habits, like and dislikes 

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+ Allie Armitage Guided Meditation Generating Self Love for Relationships


I do these videos so you know that you're not alone out here in this sometimes crazy dating world. If this your first time here, I would love to have you subscribe and if you are a returning viewer, thanks so much for watching! Leave me your thoughts below and I'll see you next time!

Kells x
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