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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You should know

You should know that "strong" people are rarely innately so. They are strong out of necessity with the knowledge that there is no one there to catch them if they should fail. 

A thin veil of support.

No one to cradle them should their knee buckle for a moment, so their life is wholly dependent on their personal strength.

You should know that it is a lonely place to be.

You should know that many "successful" people are driven to success by the inadequacies of their circumstance. And that inner drive is usually a prescription for inner pain.

You should know that people remember how you make them feel, not the details of what you say or do. And that the emotion tied to how you make them feel resonates far after, and far deeper, than anything you can do to shift blame.

You should know that strong people are the most sensitive, using an exterior persona of strength to shield themselves from harm. To protect their vulnerabilities, to rage against manipulation at the hands of deviants. 

You should know that a pillar of strength may have a man, a family member, a friend, a parent, in her ear telling her that her strength makes her less of a woman —A very ironic play on her existence, since woman is the embodiment of strength.

You should know that strong people are strong because they have no other option.

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