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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The House of Peroni London Launch Party

A couple of months ago Justin O'Brien, Director of the MBA program accompanied the cohort to the corporate headquarters of SAB Miller in Woking, UK.

Jonathan Bennett, Head of Corporate Affairs at Miller Brands told us about the nature of the business, introduced us to some high-ranking executives and basically schooled us on the global business of beer and branding. 

In the corners of the boardroom I noticed that there were mannequins dressed in high-fashion garments. I inquired about them.

Jonathan told me that they were a part of The House of Peroni marketing campaign and that the company was working to bridge a connection between the Italian beer brand and high fashion designers, artists, musicians and other tastemakers... or at least that's what I understood of the project.

I was intrigued, as strategic marketing partnerships, experiential marketing, digital media concepts, and forward thinking brands are what I love.

This week I was LinkedIn stalking (I'm in full-on job hunt mode) and I noticed that international ad agency M&C Saatchi was the force behind The House of Peroni residency. 

Essentially, The House of Peroni is a month-long immersion experience where guests get the very best of contemporary Italian style and culture. It's an opportunity to experience art, fashion, design, food and creativity in one location, all inspired by 1963, the year that Peroni Nastro Azzurro was created.

Events will take place at The House of Peroni from May 2nd to the 31st in posh Lincoln's Inn Fields, London.

Needless to say I made the connect between M&C Saatchi and my conversation with Jonathan at SAB Miller and attended last night's launch party, which was super-dope. I was there with friends Amy and Jon visiting from L.A. and Kelvin and Gerry from right here in London made an appearance as well.

Be sure to check the website and swing by a few of the festivities yourself, if you are in London this month.

[some photos sourced from IG]
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