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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sunkissed London Digital Marketing Case Study

Sunkissed London founders at the premiere of Unfiltered - The Documentary [L-R] Kelliann McDonald, Gabriel McKenzie, Rachel Hart

For those interested in digital marketing and digital media here is a case study on a successful digital campaign we implemented to promote the Sunkissed London online community. 

By: Kelliann M. McDonald
Royal Holloway, University of London


Produce a digital portfolio and an executive report that outlines a digital marketing plan and makes recommendations for a course of action for implementing a full digital marketing strategy on any topic.


The request was accomplished by creating an online community, or tribe, called Sunkissed London: Cultivated Insights from a Global Community of Women Living in London, an inclusive and interactive online resource pertinent to the lives of global, multi-cultural women who have migrated to London to create a life anew.

The main promotional tactic of the campaign was the production and promotion of Unfiltered, a mini documentary, featuring women from the online community. The film was developed and positioned as ‘edutainment’ or educational and entertaining content to pique interest in the Sunkissed London community. The film premiered in March 2014 at Royal Holloway, University of London and was subsequently released on YouTube.

To generate further buzz for the online community, an awareness campaign was devised and implemented.


Online Content Marketing on Facebook, WordPress Blog Development, YouTube Video Marketing, Documentary Production and Promotion, Online Buzz Generation through Instagram + Twitter, Experiential Event Production via the Unfiltered film premiere + promotional Sunkissed London photo shoots and Grassroots Marketing via Poster Flyering and Email Marketing.


Two month promotional period (February - April 2014):
·         WordPress Blog Views: 775
·         Total Facebook Likes: 252
o   Facebook Daily Page Engaged Users (unique users): 3149
o   Facebook Daily Total Reach (unique users): 30755
o   Facebook Daily Total Impressions (total count): 71886
·         Total YouTube Views: 625
o   YouTube Estimated Minutes Watched: 1672
o   YouTube Engagement: 29 likes, 10 comments
·         Documentary Film Premiere Attendance: 40


Digital Marketing campaign and documentary produced by: Kelliann McDonald, Gabriel McKenzie, Rachel Hart. Documentary filmed by: Ejovi Agarin; Directed by: Kelliann McDonald; Edited by: Kelliann McDonald. Case study developed by: Kelliann McDonald.

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