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Friday, December 27, 2013

My Radio Show on Insanity Radio 103.2 FM ..and Why

studio selfie :)

So, I have a radio show here in London.

My goal with the radio show is to get a better understanding of the inner workings of the music/ entertainment industry, to share my love of good music + musicians, to document my time here in London and to excercise my voice over skills.

Ultimately, I hope to use this insight to help me transition into a career in strategic marketing partnerships in the entertainment industry... or to get discovered for my magnificent voice over skills and get whisked off to hollywood to lend my vocal talents to some big budget film.. which ever comes first. 

..Hey, it could happen.

The radio show is called #CaribConnect and it's on at 10 PM (London time) each Thursday night during term. I play reggae, dancehall, culture, hip hop and r&b music. I broadcast from the studio on the campus of the university where I am getting my MBA in international management, Royal Holloway, University of London and I have a fabulous produce named Frank who helps me to improve my show and delivery each week. 

There are a couple things you can do if you want to hear my show from anywhere in the world. 

1. If you want to listen from your mobile device or tablet, you can download the FREE TuneIn App and search for "Insanity Radio 103.2 FM" on Thursday at the time that corresponds to 10 PM in London  (that would be 5 PM Eastern US).

2. If you are by your desktop computer, you can just head over to and click that orange "Listen Live" button whenever I am on air.

Also, you can catch up on all my past shows by visiting my MixCloud Page. I have posted all my #CaribConnect shows there for your convenience. Each show has a different theme of the night. Here are my favorite broadcasts thus far. Take a listen, share with your friends and family and send me any feedback you feel would be constructive.

Also, if you know any executives in the music/ entertainment industry that you think I should meet or be acquainted with, please feel free to make the introduction.

Your support is not only genuinely appreciated, but sincerely needed. Thank you!






All my past shows can be found on my MixCloud Page.


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