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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

RHUL | Participating in the MBA Philosophy of Management Core Programme

McDiva takes London.

It is such a dichotomy to sit and quietly listen as Nigel speaks to me about "my employees".

Before this, every academic conversation was centered around my potential boss, my potential entry-level position or my potential superior.

How miraculous it is to now be on the other side of that equation.

Nigel Laurie, the Managing Partner at London Facilitators, a blue chip management consultancy, is the facilitator of our Philosophy of Management course.

For the last few days we have been deeply entrenched in Homo Economicus, human nature, the motivations of man, Epicurus, Maslow, Machiavelli, Faust, behavioral conditioning and my favorite, the Pygmalion Effect, a type of self fulfilling prophesy.

I sincerely do hope that other MBA programs will soon develop a similar course. 

To have the opportunity to commence my MBA education with a course that trains me, as a future global business leader, on how best to manage the human element of the business is immensely impactful and sends a clear message about what will be the most imperative part of my future career. 

I am learning how to motivate my employees on a level that resonates, fundamentally, with exactly who they are, who they see themselves as and/or who they hope to be.

I am being groomed to be a mentor and leader who has the authority to help guide my employees toward self-actualization.

This is so powerful.

..and I feel blessed to be here experiencing it all. Alive, at this very moment in time.

Thank you, God.

Kelliann McDonald is an author, a marketing and PR strategist and a people connector who loves vinyasa yoga and social media. For up to the moment updates from Kel as she pursues a global MBA from Royal Holloway, University of London, follow her on Twitter @KelliannMc, like her on or follow her on Instagram @kMcDiva for #CasualKel photos.
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