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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Yes, We're Still Talking Abt Miley Cyrus.. And Her Issues.

Miley, eat a Snickers.

Ran across this article on my LinkedIn feed today: Miley Cyrus’ Best Career Move. Ever.

Took a few minutes to read it and, true, it had some really good points, but are we neglecting the real issue here?

I was compelled to leave the following comment:

"Solid analysis, but I am less concerned with Miley's potential career advancement on the heels of her disastrous VMA "performance" and more concerned with her negative influence on our impressionable young American women.
Young women who are already bombarded with sexist, objectifying images of themselves coupled with unrealistic standards of beauty promulgated in entertainment and in the media. When will we address self-esteem as the real issue?"

What are your thoughts? Did I hit the nail on the head?  Or am I overreacting? Speak your peace!

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