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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

RHUL | The Pinnacle Program at Royal Holloway

In the quad at the center of the Founder's Building at Royal Holloway 

There is a clear sense that the MBA is the pinnacle program on campus.

Eyebrows raise a bit whenever you introduce yourself as an MBA candidate, even among other postgrads and PhDs.

Other students automatically assume that you have paid your dues, having worked for several years before coming back to pursue a postgrad in business.

There is a sense of respect that I didn't expect. I never thought about it really until it started to become more obvious as I networked and conversed with other students. 

My anxiousness about this decision and the move to Europe has subsided a bit, but there is now an looming pressure to perform.

Be careful what you wish for.

I've always thrived under pressure, so I don't expect this to be any different. I just need to be mentally prepared to do so, which honestly, I am still working toward.

I think I might still be jet lagged and I need to get in a few hours at the gym. I'll be working on both those issues today.

In other news, while taking another leisurely stroll through campus, I think I spotted an American boy. I say boy because he could not have been more than 19 years old.

His swag was on 100 though. 

Two diamond earrings, gray designer jumper (sweater), fitted gray denim jeans and it looked like he had on some dunks or airforce ones. 

Yes ma'am. He was giving it to the people!

Black American guys standout in a European crowd. I was happy to see him, even if from afar.

The Royal Holloway, University of London campus is absolutely the most diverse college campus I have ever step foot on.

And so far, not even one stitch of that unspoken tension you sometimes feel when different cultures converge.

It's uncanny. 

I've even seen several students with physical disabilities making their way to and from class. 

At UF, which is about four times the population and size of Royal Holloway, I think I only saw two students on campus with physical disabilities my entire four years there.

I'm eager to see how this all plays out, but I definitely don't want to rush my time here.

Kelliann McDonald is an author, a marketing and PR strategist and a people connector who loves vinyasa yoga and social media. For up to the moment updates from Kel as she pursues a global MBA from Royal Holloway, University of London, follow her on Twitter @KelliannMc, like her on or follow her on Instagram @kMcDiva for #CasualKel photos.
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