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Sunday, September 22, 2013

RHUL | Greeted by the Founder's Building

Founder's Building at Royal Holloway, University of London as shot by me 22/9/2013

It's been mentioned several times, from various sources, that the MBA program here at Royal Holloway, University of London is quite rigorous.

I'm secretly hoping that it's not too bad and that the lack of work/ life balance I am accustomed to in the US will work in my favor.

Anywho, after traveling for 15 or so hours I arrived on campus where I received the warm assistance of several student ambassadors who helped me to get settled into my room.

After a two hour nap, jet lag is no joke, I awoke and thought I should get some eats and introduce myself to my flatmates. 

My lovely next door neighbor ended up inviting me to a postgrad get together that I had no idea was going on this evening. 

My flatmate and I strolled through campus just before half-past-six, chatting about our careers, lives and London in general.

Needless to say, after a quick intro talk by one of the directors of student life, a few sips of cheap wine and a trek over to the local hole in the wall pub, I've made a few new postgrad friends, many of whom happen to be working toward their doctorate. I was impressed. 

Even came across a pretty interesting character from New York. I was compelled to walk over and introduce myself to him simply because I heard his boisterous, distinct Connecticut accent from across the pub's garden. 

Turns out he is a Columbia undergrad preparing to study for his MBA at Royal Holloway as well. 

Apparently his parents, who are native New Yorkers, met and married at Royal Holloway and are now leaders in the US chapter of the Royal Holloway Alumni Association. 

Go figure.

Kelliann McDonald is an author, a marketing and PR strategist and a people connector who loves vinyasa yoga and social media. For up to the moment updates from Kel as she pursues a global MBA from Royal Holloway, University of London, follow her on Twitter @KelliannMc, like her on or follow her on Instagram @kMcDiva for #CasualKel photos.
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