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Monday, March 4, 2013

How An Amateur Can Make Great Business Videos

Amateur's Guide to Great Business Videos
Here are what I consider the 5 most important tips:

1. Video is important, but don't forget the sound quality.
People want to watch your videos because they want to hear you speak--so make sure you have a camera that has a good microphone in order for your potential clients to clearly hear you without distracting noise. --Angela Pan, Angela B. Pan Photography

2. Do your keyword research Video marketing is a powerful way to get into search results.
Since YouTube is owned by Google, Google includes YouTube videos on the front page for many different searches. If you use the AdWords Keyword Tool to identify low-competition terms for your video (and possibly localize your title), you have the chance to get in front of customers with a video that took you a few minutes to make. --Brett Farmiloe, Markitors.
3. Maintain an editorial calendar.
When you're looking to incorporate video into your marketing efforts, don't dive in without a plan first. Before you launch your inaugural video, make sure you have an editorial calendar so you're prepared to create content consistently over time. Maintaining an editorial calendar for your video marketing will ensure your prospective customers get great content regularly. --Doreen Bloch, Poshly.
4. The one investment you really need to make... Lighting.
No matter what camera you choose to use, buying an affordable lighting kit will make a huge difference in the quality of your videos. When I started "She Takes on the World TV," it was just me and a digital camera somewhere in my house. Investing just $200 in a lighting kit completely changed how my episodes looked, and as a result, they led to deeper engagement with my audience. --Natalie MacNeil, She Takes on the World.
5. Add a personal touch.
Many direct-response video Internet marketers are using videos with handwritten drawings that tell a story. Those can easily cost five figures, but VideoScribe software allows you to create those same videos using vector images--for less than $50 per month. --Peter Nguyen, Literati Institute.

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