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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Down With The Swirl: Thoughts on #Interracial Dating.

Be Prepared to be Loved.

No one knows their own destiny. We're all on this journey minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. The one sure thing, however, is that this life is entirely too short to doubt one's self-worth or to stay where one does not feel wholly celebrated.

This vlog is a peak into my perspective as it pertains to being open to interracial relationships. I do not believe life's journey was meant to be traversed alone. We all pine for intimate meaningful companionship. There is no shame in that. But that does not mean we should sacrifice any measure of self-worth or contort our vision of this partnership to be in the company of just any warm body.

I say this clearly because I am witness to far too many women living sub par lives just to be in the company of a man, especially one who takes her for granted.

To me it all boils down to external validation versus cultivated self-esteem.

I defy all the "scientific" research examining the unattractiveness of Black women. It's all bullshit. I ask you to defy it as well and to open your eyes to, and gravitate toward, those who glorify you. Many of us however, out of comfort and routine, limit ourselves and our lives to the prototypical. In seeking that ideal, yet illusive, meaningful companionship, I ask you to be genuinely open to stepping just a bit outside of your comfort zone.

Ultimately, the person who God has ordained for you is a mystery. Time reveals all. In the meantime, be aware, open to and prepared for the opportunity to love and to be loved, genuinely, by whomever.


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