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Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Personal Journey to Tuck #DivCo

I had made up my mind not to go. I didn't see the point. I couldn't possibly compete with the caliber of applicant that would be attending the Tuck School of Business Diversity Conference. I knew how competitive it was just to attend the conference and even though I had received an invite to go, I was terrified.

I immersed myself in my usual stress relieving activities at the gym, circuits and yoga. And when that didn't work I decided to go to church. After communion I asked God to order my steps. I wasn't really sure if that would help any, but I needed to ask for guidance on my MBA journey.

Turns out that Sunday was Father Greg's birthday and even though I warned my mother that as soon as service was over I would leave, I decided to stay to support the leader of my church. After all, Father Greg had always been a huge personal supporter.

I wasn't ready to divulge all my woes about the MBA application process, but I did want to spend some time pow-wowing with Father Greg. There was something about him that always made me feel comforted, especially during a rough journey.

Father Greg told me that everyone had reservations about their candidacy, but that the b-schools were searching for students like me. That anyone could clearly see that I was a winner and that I would be successful, and that's what the Ivies wanted.

He said that even though he had gotten into Harvard, there were a few other Ivies that turned him down. He could harp on the fact that he was turned down or he could delight in the fact that he was accepted. He chose to delight.

His story resonated with me. The next day, with only two days to spare, I arranged for travel to Tuck.

The weekend was amazing to say the least. I walked away feeling like I was a "Tuckie," at least for that weekend. No pretense, just gracious and supportive students, alumni and admission staff painting a true portrait of what it was like to live and study in Hanover.

Moral of the story:  You need cheerleaders in your life. You need those who can pick you up and dust you off after a fall. Those who see something in you that you may not even see in yourself.

BBM in the mirror pose at Logan airport. Had to document the FL girl in autumn gear.
w/ fellow Florida Gator Aria Ruth.

Dean Paul Danos, Tuck School of Business, welcomes DivCo participants.

Derrick Deese, Tuck DivCo co-chair.
Interview day BBM in the mirror pose.

DivCo 2011 formal dinner.

Black  light party. Ivies party harder!

Heading home after an amazing weekend.
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