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Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Kick back and relax, you're listening to the smooth and sensual vocals of kMc"

I really just fell into this voice over industry when a TV producer encouraged me to pursue it. It's really been eye opening to explore this new outlet of artistic expression. I'm hoping to keep the momentum going by practicing my craft and booking more vocal assignments.

Kelliann "kMc" McDonald provides charming, feminine, smooth and sensual vocals for your party and event promotions, television commercials, radio spots, web site announcements, phone system greetings, long form narration, audio books, and video games.

kMc Voice Over - Custom Drop

Radio spot for a MLK, Jr. community event "Unity in the Community," :30 sec.
kMc Voice Over - Unity in the Community

Here's a promotional voice over project for Selecta AJ's Birthday Bash, :60 sec.
kMc Voice Over - Selectah AJ Birthday Bash

Here's my most recent voice over project. Theses are professionally produced phone system greetings for a corporate real estate office, approx 1:15 min. CLICK HERE to read more about this project and the importance of a professional phone systems greeting.

On-Hold Message:

My vocal reel featuring 10 spots of varying lengths and styles:
Latest tracks by @kMcDiva

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