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Saturday, April 2, 2011

2/9/2011 Blogging Black Miami, People You Should Know, Kelliann McDonald

If I stand tall, it is because I stand on the backs of those who came before me.

Of the various features I've received recently, I am the most humbled and appreciative of the article by Ms. Vanessa Woodard Byers editor of Blogging Black Miami. Blogging Black Miami was the very first media outlet to cover my achievement.

Blogging Black Miami was created as an internet space to keep Miami’s black community informed, entertained and most of all engaged in the happenings that affect our daily lives.

Here's a sampling of what BBM delivers:

"WARNING: This space is not “sanitized for your protection,” I’m keeping it real. Some folks will get called out and toes will be stepped on. In the process, I hope to initiate discussion leading to action to make Miami a better place for Blacks to thrive.

Self-serving politicians that don't look out for the best interests of the collective, businesses that don't respect the Black dollar and schools that don't educate Black students can expect to be put on blast here.

By the way, if you think you'll get a pass because you're Black, think again. On the flip side, I'll show mad love for folks who are doing right by Black Miami."

Vanessa does a fabulous job of keeping her content relevant, keeping her audience engaged, while always keeping it 100.

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