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Monday, March 14, 2011

Jamaican Diaspora FAM Tour 2010

Totally forgot to post these photos from the all inclusive FAM Tour 2010 trip we took to JA last year. Air Jamaica and the Jamaica Tourist Board flew a group of influential internationally-residing Jamaicans down to tour Kingston and to experience all that is the capital city first hand.

Krista Hopwood, David Mullings and myself represented the youth of the Diaspora. The rest of the participants where of the older persuasion.

To be quite frank, this trip was arranged after the whole Dudus debacle and the JTB wanted to save face, if you will. No complaints here  however, this trip was well planned, engaging, informative and an all-around good time was had by all.

See for yourself...

Surprisingly, some of the FAM Tour participants who were born in Jamaica, hadn't been home in nearly 30 years. I was in sheer disbelief when I heard this. I can't imagine going that long without planting my feet on the warm soil of my forefathers, especially living less than a 2 hr flight away.

Despite what's seen in the news or read in the Star, I felt quite safe in Jamaica. Nowhere is a utopia. You must be cognizant of your surroundings at all times, but as always, there's no place like home. I encourage you to go home and  visit as often as you can.

I'm going home again this week and I can't wait!
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