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Friday, February 18, 2011

Corporate Hustle! The Upper Eastside Farmer's Market at Biscayne Plaza

Community project number two, if you're keep track. Wish me luck!!

At Biscayne Plaza, McDonald has coordinated and is overseeing a weekly food truck event, “Street Food Court at Biscayne Plaza” and a weekly farmer’s market, “Upper Eastside Famer’s Market at Biscayne Plaza.” Both events are free and open to the public.

McDonald has stated that the most rewarding part about organizing these events is the opportunity to merge communities that would otherwise rarely come together.

“Anyone who knows Miami knows that communities to the east and to the west of Biscayne Boulevard are like night and day. Lower income housing and EBT cards versus water-front property and personal chefs,” stated McDonald.

“These events bring people together. It unites the community. I am honored to be able to do my little part to expose these communities to the commonalities that we all share.

We expect this market to be a celebration of local food, real food without chemicals, made available to all people, regardless of economic and social barriers,” said Melissa Contreras, Market Manager.

“We expect to attract both high income and low income customers, and expect this market to serve both. Farmers’ markets are a great equalizer, and rich and poor shop side-by-side, as our common denominator, food, brings us together. We expect to educate and inform the public regarding local food issues.

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