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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Arts Incubator Ushers in Miami Art Renaissance

As my loyal readers know, I’m really happy with the development of the Arts Incubator project that I’ve been working on.

Essentially, the Arts Incubator is a pop-up art gallery concept that pairs commercial real estate landlords, with vacant retail space, with artists who would like to further their brand by occupying brick and mortar gallery and studio space.

 The partnership is beneficial in that the landlord gets an enlivened storefront, traffic to an otherwise dim space, and increased leasing energy. Industry folks know that a space is much easier to lease when it is staged or still with tenancy.

For the artist it is an opportunity to create and display work in one of the most elusive commodities, customized gallery space. It is a place to determine the reception of their brand and to develop a distinct message around that brand. Overall, the Arts Incubator program helps to broaden the audience for contemporary art and design.

Fresh off the energy of Art Basel I’m thrilled to be doing my part to usher in this Art Renaissance here in Miami. Artists develop underserved neighborhoods, they bring culture and renewed vision to communities, they shine a light on issues forgotten by the masses, and they open our eyes and force us to look at the reality of this thing we call life.

Art changes people in order for people to change things.

Here are a few photos from Arts Incubator artist Phil Fung’s Pop-up Gallery in Pinecrest.


Stay woke.

...stay tuned for kMc Profiles: PHIL FUNG, Artist.
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