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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

*UPDATED* Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" Drops Tuesday

OK, I can't lie.. I'm excited about Nicki's Pink Friday! We need a new female MC! Cartoon-ish or not, I like her style. She marches to the beat of her own drum and isn't accountable to anyone.
 That is the true nature of artistry. 

The album actually leaked last night and if someone gets me the link I promise to get the legit copy when it drops! Word on twitter, per Vibe's unofficially poll, is the album gets 3.5 stars out of 5.
I'm content with that for a freshman album. Leaves her with room to grow.

oxox barbz and ken-barbz! *nicki voice*


I was able to get my hands on a early release of Pink Friday. As anticipated the album is legit, kMc approved!

I truly appreciate that Nicki’s lyrics aren't hyper-sexual. It’s a common misconception that female lyricists have to be super raunchy to be hot. Nicki Minaj defies that.

Her “Barb” persona provides for a uber feminine fresh new take on the female rapper. And for a New Yorker, that’s surprising, as we all know NY chicks are not the most delicate of flowers.

Nicki's no Lauryn, but real talk, her ish ride. Nothing deep and philosophical, but definitely full of ridin'-around-the-city-with-my-top-down type bangers. And her singing voice? Sounds great.. no auto-tune necessary.

Looking forward to the next album having a bit more social consciousness and depth, but I'm not convinced that's Nicki's forte. Let's see if she'll surprise me.

Nicki definitely held it down for the ladies. Respect due.

My favs highlighted below:

Track list for Pink Friday, slated to hit stores November 22.

1. I'm The Best
2. Roman's Revenge (featuring Eminem)
3. Did It On 'Em
4. Right Thru Me
5. Fly (featuring Rihanna)
6. Save Me
7. Moment 4 Life (featuring Drake)
8. Check It Out (featuring
9. Blazin (featuring Kanye West)
10. Here I Am
11. Dear Old Nicki
12. Your Love
13. Last Chance (featuring Natasha Bedingfield)
14. Super Bass
15. Blow Ya Mind
16. Muny
17. Girls Fall Like Dominoes [Bonus Track]
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