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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm CEO, Bitch. "The Social Network" <-- Facebook Movie

Last night I received an invite to see a pre-screening of David Fincher's The Social Network, more widely known as “the Facebook movie,” and I have to say I really enjoyed all 2 hours of it. 

The Social Network is an adaptation of Aaron Sorkin’s novel "The Accidental Billionaires" and is an account of Harvard drop-out Mark Zuckerberg’s founding of Facebook.

The movie was obviously going to be one of those feel good, relive your undergrad years kind of flick, but the fact that the storyline involves a social construct that is so interwoven into our daily lives makes the movie that much more intriguing. 

To my surprise the movie was fast, furious and fiercely intellectual. However, I must say that at times it was a bit hyperbolic, exaggerated to the point of being comical, but then again that may have been the point.


As the movie plot reveals Zuckerberg’s motivations for developing Facebook, The Social Network really speaks to the intrinsic motivations of man and our need to be validated. According to the movie, Zuckerberg founded Facebook to be recognized by Harvard’s Phoenix Club, an undergrad social club, and to re-attract the attention of an ex-girl friend.

Ahhh, the motivations of man…. Either way, great flick, you should see it! The film just may inspire you to develop the next billion dollar idea... to show-off on your ex ;)

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