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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fired Up & Ready to VOTE

Today I was invited to a Women's Equality Luncheon hosted by future United States Senator and current State Representative Kendrick Meek. Just two days ago Rep. Meek righteously defeated real estate billionaire Jeff Green in Florida's Democratic Senate primary.

Meek is now up against two Republican candidates, Rubio, the Tea Party fundamentalist and Crist who I don't hate, but lost his edge with me when he decided to run as an Independent when it became glaringly obvious that he was too moderate of a Republican to win the nomination.

As a reminder, we MUST get out the Democratic vote this November. When we elected President Obama we promised to keep up the fight for our party. Electing the Obamas was just the beginning. We have to elect candidates that will help propel the issues we feel are important in our everyday lives.

President Obama needs help up there. Let's send him some!

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