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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Conde Nast Nixes Vogue Africa Movement

[This is a follow-up to my previous post, Vogue Africa Movement.]

Conde Nast says Vogue Africa is a no-go. Are you surprised? Not I, said the cat.

Much of the response commentary around the company's refusal to grant the Vogue Africa license supports the pov that we do not need African beauty to be validated by Vogue..

"The Black community certainly doesn't need to plead with anyone to join the beauty club. Just look at the way some white women pay huge sums to darken their skins & fill their lips with collagen.

Essence Magazine is one great publication that celebrates Black Beauty. I'd urge you to use this opportunity to create something of your own - that you'd have control over :) Cheers
" - Seli Mosieane

..To which, I agree. However, (1) EVERY living thing on this earth seeks to be validated and loved. While it is true that you should not have to beg for that acknowledgment, no one can deny that it is nice for it to be handed over sometimes.

And (2) this is not about validation of beauty. You would literally have to be blind not to see the sheer fierceness in the mock Vogue Africa covers created by photography Mario Epanya.

This decision comes down to a shifting money-power dynamic... but doesn't everything?

As shared with my followers on Twitter:

"African beauty is an untapped resource. There should be no more holding her at bay!

Almost anything that is rational and seems reasonable that a person is fervently against, and you can't understand why, can be circled back to 1 of 2 things.. Money and power.

Anything that will even remotely shift a money - power dynamic will be resisted.. Even if
irrationally so.

Shining a light on African beauty will obviously not take away from the beauty of other cultures, HOWEVER it will give power and money to people who are not currently getting their share of the pie, thus others will have to relinquish.

There-in lies the theory that power is never GIVEN to the powerless. It MUST be taken."

Once the gateway is opened and African fashion and design is mass distributed, money will shift pockets.

I don't think westerners truly understand the abundance of Mama Africa and the influence she has on the world. Once her gifts are revealed all else will pale in comparison, thus the root of the Conde Nast decision.

Think about it.

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