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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lady Gaga Lewd & Lascivious?

Here's the "controversial" new video by Lady Gaga that has been causing a huge ruckus over at Fox News and a few other conveniently conservative media outlets.

The cut is called Telephone and it features Beyonce “Honey Bee” Knowles. It seems the video is considered lewd and lascivious and there is concern over what ‘the children’ will internalize from some of the more risqué scenes in the micro-flick.

I have no qualms about saying, it is no one's responsibility to raise your children but your own. Turn off the television and the MAC and raise your seed.

There are millions of children living in squalor in this very country that few of us have concern over. Inadequate health care, lack of quality education and violence are the norm in some of our inner cities and our biggest concern is how a Lady Gaga video will deprave the children?? Get a grip.

Regarding the video, I'm honestly not that impressed. Instead of it organically pushing the envelope, if you will, it seems the video treatment was blatantly written with controversy as the objective.

While I appreciate Lady Gaga for her take on pop music, I think Beyonce is too seasoned for this gimmicky Thelma and Louise storyline. I assumed we had seen the end of her dynamic duo days, Bonnie and Clyde with Jay-Z and Beautiful Liar with Shakira… But I guess you know what you do when you ass-u-me.

Everyone's a critic.
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