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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

President Barack Obama IS THE TRUTH!

Brother-to-Brother Connection

This photo has been buzzing around the Net all day. It truly touched me, so I decided to re-post it. As I commented on this blog where I first saw the pic...

"President Obama not only SPEAKS the truth, he IS the truth. This photo is just another example of how he leads by example day after day. Let's walk in his way and be sure to acknowledge each other's greatness. SPEAK when you pass someone on the street that looks like you!"

This photo was taken during the President's recent visit to Europe. Amid the frenzy of supporters, global news media and world leaders, our President paused to acknowledge this Bobby with this simple yet thoughtful gesture.

'A simple handshake' some may deem it, but to a person of African decent or to anyone who can relate, it means more. Staying grounded, humble, keepin' it real, true to your roots... whatever you wish to call it, my President embodies it all.

Respect is earned, not given...
But on the same note, give respect where respect is due.

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