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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alvin Ailey Premier & The Green Room Society

When I heard that the Alvin Ailey American Dance Company was coming to the Adrienne Arsht Center I was the first to show my support. Artistic expression in any form moves me.

I had the opportunity to see the Company a few years back at the Phillips Center for Performing Arts in Gainesville, FL and fell in love with them then.

I had heard that the Company had not performed in Miami for quite some while, so I knew the energy of the south Florida people would bring a new dynamic to the show.

I attended the Thursday night premier and the energy of the nearly sold-out crowd was electrifying! From start to finish, the show was simply spectacular.

I have to say that the male performers stole the show for me... and no, not for the obvious reasons! The form of and commitment to their movements was breath-taking.

The women of the show were dynamic also, but it was harder for me to fully appreciate the complexity of their choreography. Their very traditional long, flowy skirts hid their form. The grace of the women is what stands out in my memory, as opposed to the form and poise of the men.

Now that I think of it, this balance was probably done intentionally, a yin and yang of sorts.

The after-party, and in Miami there is ALWAYS an after-party, was hosted by the Green Room Society (GRS), the young patrons group supporting the Arsht Center. Definitely a room full of movers and shakers helping to shape Miami's cultural landscape.

Long story short, when the legendary DJ Brass King started spinning the Reggae tunes, via special request of course, the party got HYPE! Yes, we're in Miami, but Salsa is not the only thing that moves the crowd!

Esther Park-Clemetson, GRS Membership Manager was a gracious host ensuring everyone had a awesome time! Be sure to contact her for more info on joining the GRS. Supporting the GRS is a must!

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