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Friday, February 20, 2009

UPDATE: First Michael Phelps, Now Chris Brown?

Breezy needs jail time, ASAP. This is extreme.

I find Chris Brown’s actions disgusting and reprehensible. At no instance are you to put your hands on a woman, much less, to this extreme extent.

How dare he man-handle her!?! She leaves looking like she just stepped out of an Ultimate Fighting ring, while he doesn’t even have a scratch!

According to some reports, Brown didn’t come out with a statement to the media right away because he couldn’t find anyone to take his case.

This is a Crisis Management PR nightmare.

The LAPD are on the hunt for whoever leaked the above photo, but I say it was leaked by someone at Rihanna's camp. The public needs to see just how sick Chris Brown is. He needs help.

Let’s keep Rih-Rih lifted up in prayer. She needs help, also. To go through something like this in front of the cameras must be devastating.

Read the back story here:
First Michael Phelps, Now Chris Brown?

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