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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jamaica, Like Cooked Food.

On a whim we ended up spending the holidays in the beautiful isle of Jamaica.

Jamaica to me is not some distant tropical paradise far removed from the reality that is the U.S. Both of my parents hail from the island, so to me it is home.

After living on the island for a few months when I was younger and a brief visit some ten years ago, this was my first trip back home as card wielding adult.

The island has pulled me in. As my girl Jeanelle would say, now "I love it like cooked food."

This year I want to forge a stronger connection with my home. While I have tons of family down there, my entrepreneurial spirit looks to the business side of things for a more in depth understanding of the island.

In 2005, founding JAMSA, the Jamaican American Student Association at the University of Florida, was my first step toward reconnecting.

In 2009, I seek to take it a step further.
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