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Friday, January 30, 2009

Characteristics of the Millennial Generation. Does THIS Sound Like You?

So, the Boss is like 50 years old and completely out of touch. Here's why you're annoyed:

mil·len·ni·al Pronunciation: \mə-ˈle-nē-əl\

Millennials, an abbreviation for millennial generation, is a term used by demographers to describe a segment of the population born between 1980 and 2000 (approximately). Sometimes referred to in the media as "Generation Y," millennials are the children of the post-WWII baby boomer generation.

  • 80% of Millennials are regularly searching, downloading and listening to music over the Internet
  • 73% are also regularly socializing online (via social networking sites, chat rooms or message boards)
  • 59% of Millennials use their mobile phone as an entertainment device, versus an average of 33% of all consumers.
  • Millenials are spending one-third less time watching their television than are other generations.

Millennials have a "can-do" attitude about tasks at work and look for feedback about how they are doing frequently – even daily. Millennials want a variety of tasks and expect that they will accomplish every one of them.

Positive and confident, millennials are ready to take on the world. They seek leadership, and even structure, from their older and managerial coworkers, but expect that you will draw out and respect their ideas.

Millennials seek a challenge and do not want to experience boredom. Used to balancing many activities such as teams, friends, and philanthropic activities, millennials want flexibility in scheduling and a life away from work.

Millennials need to see where their career is going and they want to know exactly what they need to do to get there. Millennials await their next challenge – there better be a next challenge.

Millennials are the most connected generation in history and will network right out of their current workplace if these needs are not met. Computer experts, millennials are connected all over the world by email, instant messages, text messages, and the Internet.

So the next time your Boss is mistaking you for one of those older generations, just clue them in to your Millennial status.

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