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Monday, September 1, 2008

DNC 2008: My Piece of History

I had the opportunity to attend the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO to witness Barack Obama accept the Nomination for the Presidency.

While I was well aware that this was a historic event, the magnitude of what I was able to participate in didn't sink in until I was in the midst of thousands of other impassioned supporters enthusiastically roaming the streets of Denver greeting each other with a warmth and closeness that I'd never before experienced.

I was at ease with thousands of strangers. And thousands of strangers were at ease with me.

I saw young and old. Black, white, yellow, and brown. Gay and straight. Man and woman. Republican and Democrat, lift their voices in support of a man that has inspired a huge section of disenfranchised and defeated Americans to care again. To feel that they have a voice and an option in this the 2008 presidential race.

Barack Obama arrived at our tipping point. He is what this nation has been longing for. No he is not Jesus. He cannot "walk on water" as the critics insinuate. But he is indeed a phenomenon. He is the conscious and voice of the nation that the Republicans have been able to suppress for the past eight years.

We have been bullied into believing that we should not hope and then take action toward an "America as it should be," instead settling for "America as it is." Well I for one say "No more!"

As immigrants from Jamaica to this great country, my parents have always told me that as long as I have my education, ANYTHING is possible.

No matter the outcome of this election. Whether the Obama/ Biden ticket wins or loses, history has been made and our eyes have been opened to the improbable possibility that an African-American man can UNITE and LEAD this nation into greatness.

More photos of my DNC trip available at:
"America - As it should be." and "America - As it should be...continued."

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