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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9/17 Music Vid Break.

Just thought I'd share some of my recent favs...

"She's Royal" - Tarrus Riley.

Every time I hear this song, I feel like a queen. It's been a long time since a song has made me feel that way. Listen to the lyrics... just a beautiful tribute to a Royal woman. Kings take heed!

"Disturbia/Seven Nation Army (2008 VMAs)" - Rihanna.

You won't hear any "manufactured pop music" soapbox spiels from me... I'm loving Rihanna right now. Her team has done an amazing job at re-inventing her every couple of albums. She's gone from Beyonce clone to bad-ass rocker-pop chick! And you know I'm partial to asymmetrical hair cuts and to my island girls... Big up Barbados!

"Need U Bad" - Jasmine Sullivan.

The new Lauryn Hill? Not quite, but Jasmine is definitely getting my vote for songstress of the moment. I love her soulful sound and her beautiful dark brown hue. Her debut album "Fearless" drops this month. Go pick it up!

"Nuh Linga" - Elephant Man.

We all watched in amazement as the Jamaicans ran circles around their competitors at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Well, after breaking one of many world records, Usain Bolt was spotted doing one of the newest Dancehall moves out of JA... the "Nuh Linga." Translation - Don't linger or dilly-dally. Please do us all a favor and practice this one before you try it in public. LOL.

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