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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PR Blunder on Obama's Part?

Did Obama's camp take too long to address this week's "satirical" cartoon cover of The New Yorker Magazine OR was publicly denouncing it merely elevating it to something a candidate would address?

[Check out Michelle's 'fro. LOL.]

According to this L.A. Times Blog, denouncing the cover only served to increase its visibility and reach:

"If the cover is so tasteless and offensive, why purposely call it to the attention of millions of Americans with a strong denunciation on an otherwise slow news Sunday afternoon?"

To some extent I agree with the L.A. Times, but you also have to consider that bringing attention to this OBVIOUSLY RIDICULOUS cover pokes fun at the far right rationale of some of Obama's detractors.

How silly, and quite frankly desperate, of them to try to paint Barack and Michelle as terrorist? To think of it, it is kind of funny... really funny, actually.

This is going to be an interesting election cycle, VERY interesting!

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