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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jamaica Youth Forum

Lately, I've been working feverishly on the Jamaica Youth Forum hosted by the Jamaican Diaspora Southern United States. The youth forum is to be held next Saturday, April 12th, at the Whitten Learning Center on the campus of the University of Miami.

My mentor, Attorney Marlon Hill, brought me on board with this project and I am glad he thought to consider me. It is really fulfilling to be working on a project that is for the sole benefit of the local youth.

The host committee has even arranged for the forum to be streamed live over the Internet, so that persons interested long distance have the opportunity to participate. It has been a while since I have worked on a project that was simply a service to the community.

Nowadays, the vast majority of my projects are related to the entertainment industry. By no means am I complaining. I absolutely love the excitement, pace and passion of working on an entertainment based project. However, a balance is definitely necessary to maintain a fresh outlook.

This youth forum has really brought me back to my roots of grassroots planning and organizing huge events on a dime budget. Back in 2004, at the University of Florida, I was afforded the opportunity to found the Jamaican-American Student Association or JAMSA.

This organization was hard fought as there was already a dominate Caribbean organization on campus, but a group of us didn't really feel that the other organization represented our interests, so we decided to move toward a more progressive ideal in the form of JAMSA.

Needless to say the organization is still growing strong and under the current leadership of the president, Lisa Thewell, and VP, Alysia Powell, has continued in the proud legacy under which it was founded.

The team I am working with on the Jamaica Youth Forum includes Dr. Lloyd Cohen, president of the Jamaican Association of Miami-Dade Educators, David Mullings, CEO of Realvibez Media, and a host of other seasoned professionals passionate about uplifting the local Caribbean youth.

Right now, we're in the final stages of PR - scheduling radio interviews, confirming media coverage and reaching out to the influences who will drive event attendance.

More information about the forum can be found here.


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