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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Translation Advertising: Where Hip-Hop and Strategic Marketing Converge

LONG have I waited for the place where urban music, advertising and artist relations converge.

With the creation of Translation Advertising, the brainchild of Hip-hop and business mogul Jay-Z, 38, and entrepreneur Steve Stoute, 37, this fantasy is finally realized.

Translation Advertising will be a part of Translation Consultation and Brand Imaging which last year Stoute sold to Interpublic, the third largest agency company, for an estimated 15 million.

Interpublic has a 49 percent stake in Translation Advertising while Stoute and Jay-Z maintain 51 percent.

According to a NY Times article, the Interpublic venture is indicative of the intensifying interest on Madison Avenue in minority consumers which account for $2 TRILLION in consumer buying power.

Translation is expected to announce their first clients soon and my guess is that the roster will include more progressive companies such as Apple or GEICO.

A NEW AGE IN HIP-HOP: With the music industry in a time of restructure and labels standing to lose millions, product endorsements will soon become the bread-and-butter for artists and their labels.

The ideal business structure for Translation Advertising is to facilitate the evolution of the Hip-hop music and culture and to progress its immense influence on the mainstream.

Ideally, Translation will allow big business a better understanding of the urban mindset and will provide insight on how to market to an urban audience with less of a cultural disconnect.

Here are Jay-Z's thoughts:

Here's Translation Consultation & Brand Imaging's Contact Info:
145 West 45th Street, 12th Floor New York, NY 10036
P: 212.299.5505 F: 212.299.5513
Employment Opportunities:
New Business Inquiries (212.299.5319):


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