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Monday, March 24, 2008

CP + B Slated to Combat Microsoft's Humiliation

Microsoft recently announced that my former employer, Crispin Porter + Bogusky landed the $300 million ad account that was up for grabs.

For those of you unfamiliar with CP+ B, they are a HUGE creative shop headquartered in Coconut Grove, FL most popular for the Burger King ads featuring the creepy King and before that, the Subservient Chicken Web site that is credited with bringing wide attention to the huge impact of viral marketing online.

“Crispin was chosen based on their strategic approach, the strength of their creative ideas and the passionate and diverse team of people at the agency,” a Microsoft statement read.

It’s not only estimated that spending on the account will be more than the mentioned $300 million, but Microsoft spent almost $1 BILLION on measured and unmeasured marketing in the U.S. alone for 2006, which is an indication of their potential to spend.

Other finalist for the account included Publicis Groupe’s Fallon, incumbent Interpublic Group of Company’s, McCann Erickson - San Francisco and WPP Group’s JWT.

I’m interested to see how CP+B brilliantly overcomes Microsoft’s continued humiliation at the hands of Apple in the Mac vs. PC campaign, which I am sure you've seen:

According to this article and Mr. Rob Enderle of The Enderle Group, “[The Microsoft humiliation] is unprecedented in this industry…where one company makes fun of a competitor for a long period of time successfully,” he said.

“The last time that happened was when car maker Isuzu poked fun of Porsche. But never did Porsche’s quality come into question, only that Isuzu presented a better deal, he said.

Funny thing is, the first thing they hand you when you walk in the door at CP+B is a Mac laptop and a BlackBerry.

How will this creative-dominated shop of Mac users, come up with a convincing Microsoft campaign considering they don’t use PCs or the heavily criticized VISTA operating system?

Cardinal Rule of Advertising: “Know thy product!”

Crispin is DEDICATED. I wouldn’t be surprised if the account CD’s asked the team to use PCs to get them in the campaign mindset.

I don’t doubt Crispin’s savvy, but the MIRACLE will be reflected in how effective the new campaign will be.

This is yet another defining moment for Crispin. I’m excited to see the outcome!


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