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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Between meeting with clients, blogging, the day gig, and the daily grind of life, I somehow find time to work on rough drafts for the K. Melanie web site. I stress to my clients the importance of a presence on the web.

Not only does it give the public a way to find out more information about you and your services, but it builds your brand as reputable and reliable.

A sustainable marketing campaign must include a system for the public, at their convenience, to contact you and to find out more information about you, your event, service, business, or whatever you may be promoting.

A greater amount of information can be relayed to a prospect via your web site and that info will be better received as the prospect sought out that info. The prospect plays a more active role in the information exchange.

A well built web site will speak volumes for your services and your brand. Do not overlook this essential promotional tool.

With my own web sites, I’m primarily concerned with color and contrast, lines, user friendliness and functionality.

My background in web design, HTML, and graphic design help me understand how these elements interplay to create a well designed, functional web site.
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