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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Verdict.

Very productive business meeting, today. Up for discussion was the vision for my very own, K. Melanie Marketing Consultants and my colleagues firm, Design Dorm and how we could merge those visions into a mutually beneficial working relationship.

In order to facilitate our business partnership and to maximize our efforts for both new ventures, we decided that Design Dorm, primarily handling graphic design work, when needed would bring K. Melanie on board for marketing, publicity, and promotions aspects of a project and K. Melanie would bring Design Dorm on board for their graphic design and branding expertise.

Made clear during the meet, was the direction we wanted our firms to head in and how we could help each other reach that goal.

With any new venture, it's imperative that you reach out and network with fellow entrepreneurs who share your visions and build that network necessary to help you reach the vision for you venture.

A great step was made today.
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