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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Promoting vs. Marketing

Members of the communications world, like myself, tend to forget that not everyone has a thorough and all encompassing understanding of the intricacies involved with marketing.

A very interesting point was brought to my attention, today. In response to an email blast I sent out to the connects, spotlighting R&B singer Joe's performance at Barchetta on the Bay this Friday. I was met with an email asking if I "was a promoter, now?"

To which I responded, "Nope, I'm a marketing consultant."

While promotions is a pivotal aspect of marketing, promoting in itself will fail to deliver the response and/ or results that a thorough marketing campaign will.

"Promoting" is a limited pastime that requires little to no understanding of audiences, strategy, timing, or approach. A promoter simply puts information out into the universe and hopes that it sticks.

A marketer on the the other hand, has an understanding of what events will appeal to which audiences and how to grab that audiences attention. How to present information in an appealing and interesting way and where and how to delivery that info.

So, no I'm not solely promoter, but I do play one sometimes.
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