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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"In the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope."

I am an UNABASHED Barack Obama supporter. With that said, the political marketing surrounding his campaign has been superb.

If you haven't already, take a few minutes to check out his Web site.

Supporters can create customized profiles, upload photos and video, network with other Obama supporters, sign-up to attend or publicize their own Obama watch parties and events, fundraise and publicly track the results. even allows you to connect directly to BlackPlanet, Facebook, MiGente, LinkedIn, AsianAve, and FaithBase to name a few.

Capitalizing not only on the pivotal young vote, but also on today's tech savvy, early adapters, and trend setters, this site structure has been instrumental in progressing Obama's grassroots and viral marketing campaign efforts.

All other candidates are relying on the campaign tactics of the past and will find it hard to slow Obama's momentum.

Obama's momentum will only build from here. This is what the Internet and global interconnectedness has done for the world of viral marketing. Information, good or bad, is disseminated to the world in nano seconds.

The Obama campaign is not only promoting a candidate, they are heads of a movement.

This movement, they say, is what the American public has been longing for and from the looks of things, they are absolutely right.

The movement spin in itself is ingenious. Not (at all) to trivialize its validity, but how else could you get the finicky, cynical, individualistic American public to unite behind a candidate?

You make that candidate embody progressive change, a divergence from the status quo.

Obama has hit his stride, I predict that only a misstep on the part of his own campaign will disturb his chances of being the democratic nominee or if Hillary can manage to get the FL and MI delegates seated and at this point that seems a bit far-fetched.

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