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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Logistics of a Phenomenal Event

Just as important to the success of an event as the vision, planning, and promotion are the logistics and flow of the event.

Many-an-event has left a sour taste in my mouth because of poor:
(1) Crowd management
(2) Security
(3) Traffic control
(4) Food or bar SERVICE
(5) Parking or valet SERVICE

Most snafu's involving the above mentioned logistics are on account of the event planner not anticipating and planning for a large turnout.

Never underestimate your promotional efforts and appeal.

Plan for a huge response and even a modest turnout will garner rave reviews.

Event logistics, or as I see it, the marketing of the event DURING the event, is just as important, and may even be MORE important than the promotional communications before the event.

What is communicated (or promised) about an event before it takes place is one thing, but what the event actually turns out to be (or what is delivered) is a completely different story.

What is delivered is what makes or breaks an event and its promoters.

A well executed event will create a Buzz about the event and the Hosts and will initiate word-of-mouth marketing, one of the most effective and coveted forms of marketing.

Just as important as the logistically elements mentioned above, is my NUMBER ONE SUGGESTION for a phenomenal event - Venue Accessibility.

Make sure your audience can FIND YOUR VENUE with ease and it is close to major thoroughfares. As intuitive as this may seem, a nice venue at a good price may distracted you from the venue's TERRIBLE location.

Happy Planning!
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