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Thursday, February 7, 2008

...And Then There Was Light.

This Sunday, I've arranged to meet with a potential K. Melanie business partner. While I have the business side of things fully under control, I'm not opposed to sharing and concepting creative ideas to enlighten and grow the design services of K. Melanie.

The gentleman that I'm meeting with, I've worked with in the past and have been very impressed with his creative/ graphic design abilities. We've know each other since our days roaming the University of Florida campus where we both were very invovled in our respective sects of college life.

Excitedly, we'll meet to see if our visions for our life's work somehow coincided. I'm a firm believer in compatibility, even in working relationship. And while we worked fine together in college, things may have commanded new meaning as we are out slaving away at our current 9-to-5's.
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